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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gambar Jenazah Gaddafi Tidak Rasmi

Tadi aku terbaca kat AFP, Reuters dan juga forum luar negara pasal kematian Gaddafi. Tak tahu ler kesahihan berita nie. Ada gambar menunjukkan Gaddafi dipapah dengan berlumuran darah. Korang tengok ler sendiri yer.

NTC vice-chairman Abdul Hafiz Ghoga confirms that Col Gaddafi is dead - Reuters.

A gold-plated gun, said to have been owned by the former Libyan leader, has been brandished by those who say he has been captured.

The hunt for Colonel Gadaffi appers to be over. Here is how it unfolded...

22 August 2011: Gadaffi goes on the run after rebels overrun his Tripoli base. He is believed to have been in hiding in a bunker underneath the city since air strikes began

23 August: A search of the fortified Bab al-Aziziya compound finds no sign of him
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24 August: SAS fighters dressed in Arab civilian clothing are said to be flushing out tunnels beneath Tripoli in the hunt for the dictator.

24 August: Gaddafi is offered exile in the landlocked west African country of Burkina Faso

24 August: Gaddafi is said to have escaped to a farm outside Tripoli after chickens are heard squawking in the background of a defiant taped message broadcast by Libyan TV.

26 August: Gadaffi is reportedly sighted in Libya, arriving in a saloon car for a meeting with his son Khamis. The Colonel is transferred into a convoy of Kand Rovers, reportedly heading for the southern desert town of Sabha.

28 August: Rebels take the farm but find no sign of the deposed leader.

29 August: Rumours say Gadaffi has crossed into Algeria long with his wife, daughter and two sons, but they are denied by forces loyal to him.

30 August: Gadaffi is rumoured to be organising counter-attacks from Bani Walid, a town south east of Tripoli

1 September: In a speech marking the 42nd anniversary of his coming to power, Gaddafi claims to be still in Libya and urges supporters to fight on.

2 September: Gadaffi is seen leaving Bani Walid after a battle in which his son Khamis is reportedly killed.

6 September: A convoy carrying Gadaffi loyalists is seen crossing from Libya into Niger, but the Colonel is not among the passengers.

6 September: Reports claim Gadaffi has been sighted in Burkina Faso, but they are denied

7 September: The dictator is said to be heading for Libya's southern borders with Chad or Niger.

11 September: Niger says Gadaffi's son Saadi is in the country but confirms Gadaffi is not.

28 September: The NTC are moving from oasis to oasis, acting on tip-offs that Gaddafi is roaming the desert, protected by Tuareg fighters.

29 September: Military commander Hisham Buhagiar says Gadaffi is hiding near Ghadamis, near the borders with Algeria and Tunisia

12 October: The hunt for Gadaffi focuses on Sirte after his son Mo'tassim is captuted trying to escape from the city

20 October: NTC fighters complete the capture of Sirte and find and reportedly kill Gadaffi



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